All BAS 6th Graders and Parents Program: B'nai Mitzvah Orientation

6th graders and parents will attend a program on the B’nei Mitzvah Process at BAS, Jewish values, and ethical wills.

9am Parents go to Simcha Room and students go to class.  Students will join their parents from 10:25-11:30am.

This program will include a discussion with Abby Reiken on the Jewish values you want to hand down to your child, a study session on Jewish ethical wills with Rabbi Bronstein, an activity with your child, and a B’nei Mitzvah Orientation with BAS President Ilene Semiatin, BAS Ritual Chair Harry Waizer, and Rabbi Fredda Cohen.

Bagels and coffee will be served.

Contact Abby Reiken with any questions.

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