Torah La’am, our grades K-12 Jewish education program, is overseen by an appointed School Board and School Board Chair. The Board consists of 13 members of the congregation who are appointed by the President of the congregation in consultation with the School Board Chair for staggered three year terms including the School Board Chair, PTA Co-Chairs, immediate past School Board Chair and at least two members who do not have children currently attending Torah La’am. 

Elise Goldman

Members whose terms expire June 30, 2021
Rachel Halperin
Rachel Kowalsky
Loren Napoli
Laura Solomon

Members whose terms expire June 30, 2022
Deborah Coffina Klein
Sara Steinberg

Members whose terms expire June 30, 2023
Rebecca Blackman
Hilary Green
Kim Horowitz
Joey Kellman
Monica Schwarcz

Immediate Past Chair
Elizabeth Clain

PTA Co-Presidents (shared seat on Board)
Loren Napoli
Sara Steinberg

Nonvoting members
Rabbi Lester Bronstein
Abby Reiken, Education Director