Acharei Kiddush: Teaching Reconciliation and Tolerance in German Classrooms

BAS member Dr. Geoffrey Cahn will discuss his Holocaust Reconciliation Project.

Dr. Cahn has been presenting workshops (in English) to German students since 2007. His goal is to foster a better understanding and relationship between the German and Jewish communities, which in turn will help fight Anti-Semitism and other forms of prejudice.

Dr. Cahn has a Ph.D. in History, with a specialization in Germany, 1918-1945, with a particular focus on Weimar Culture. His work has been published in numerous journals and encyclopedias. He was Chair of the History Department at Yeshiva University HS, New York City and has been teaching at both the university and high school level for over forty years.

As a child of survivors, his personal background, academic interests and frequent trips to Germany have made him mindful of the angst-ridden relationship forced on our peoples as a result of the Shoah.



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