Acharei Kiddush: Bringing Bees and Butterflies Back to the Garden

Join us as we look at bees and butterflies, which provide a vital service to our food supply: pollinating the plants on which humans and animals rely for nutrition.

This system is under severe threat: bee and monarch butterfly populations have plummeted in the past decade, due to loss of habitat and the use of pesticides.

Caring for the earth and its creatures is a Jewish value.

The national movement Pollinator Pathways and its local affiliates seek to increase habitat by encouraging the cultivation of the plants on which bees and monarch butterflies feed. The speakers will demonstrate how you can help these beneficial insects to thrive – easily, right in your own backyard!

Speakers will be Nancy Giges and Terry Hanson from Pollinators of White Plains, a project of the White Plains Beautification Foundation.

A tour of the BAS garden, led by BAS Garden Chair Penny Grossman, will reveal how our synagogue is contributing to that effort.

Contact Mimi Koren or Judy Zingher with any questions.



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