Acharei Kiddush: The American Dream, the American Creed, and American Immigration Laws

How Lack of Legal Status Derails the Life Chances of Some Mexican Immigrant Children and their Families

Dr. Robert C. Smith will discuss how having, lacking, gaining or losing legal status affects the life chances of Mexican immigrant children and their families.

Drawing on over twenty years of fieldwork, Professor Smith will present findings from two projects. The first analyzes how the long term educational, career and overall mobility of adult children of Mexican immigrants are affected by having, lacking or gaining legal status. The second analyzes how getting, or not getting, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) affects US raised youth and their families, and how that impact varies by place, including the stances of police and educational institutions towards immigrants. 

Robert Smith is a Professor of Sociology, Immigration Studies and Public and International Affairs, at the Marxe School of Public and International Affairs, Baruch College, and Sociology Department, Graduate Center, CUNY. His first book, Mexican New York: Transnational Worlds of New Immigrants, won the American Sociological Association’s Distinguished Book Award in 2008, and four other prizes.  He has received funding from the National Science Foundation, W.T.Grant Foundation, and others, and has been a Guggenheim Fellow.  He is co-founder of Masa, a nonprofit in the South Bronx that promotes educational achievement and leadership for Mexican and other immigrant students and families. 

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