BAS Shinshinim Program

We are thrilled to have two Israeli youth leaders (Shinshinim), Eden and Tomer, lead Israel programming this 2019-2020 school year at Bet Am Shalom!

Shinshinim is the Hebrew name for 18-year-old Israeli emissaries vetted by the Jewish Agency for Israel to communities around the Jewish world with the goal of educating people of all ages about Israel and its culture.

Eden and Tomer are excited to be working with our BAS community and to have the opportunity to learn about Reconstructing Judaism to share with their Israeli communities.

Tomer will be teaching our teens on Monday nights. Eden and Tomer will be switching off to lead children's activities at the Shabbat Kulanu dinners and helping at Family Havdalah programs.  Click here for the dates of these family programs.  They will also lead a couple of youth programs on Sundays after class.  

To learn more about the role of these Shinshinim at BAS contact Education Director Abby Reiken.

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