End of Year Activities

Here are some class activities for students to reflect on their year of Jewish learning.  Email Abby Reiken with additional ideas to add to this list.

  • At least a week in advance, ask your madrichim to come up with a game to review what the students have learned this year. Go over the game with your madrich/a and make any needed changes, then have your madrichim lead the game on one of the last days of class.
  • Prepare your class to give 3 highlights of the year to share at our program on the last day of class. Make sure the highlights are meaningful and unique to your grade—not just “snack time." This is a great reflective exercise and will get the students excited about the coming year.
  • Have the students get involved with creating Hebrew reading activities they could do over the summer to keep up their skills. Click here for webpage that will be included in an email to parents. 
  • Have students write a letter to the incoming class with advice on how they can have a successful year, highlights of the year for them, etc.  Put the letters in a Treasure Box to share with the next class.
  • Students could make a mobile using a key word they learned, such as kadosh, leadership, Israel.  The mobile would include words and pictures to show what they learned about the topic.
  • Get together with your class's chaverim to share summer plans and say goodbye.
  • Students in grades 2 and up can look through their Torah journals and share with a partner something that they learned this past year. Older students can also look at how much they have learned over the years.
  • Have students work in small groups to create a song or picture of their favorite lesson of the year, then share their projects with the class.
  • Discuss ways the students have applied what they have learned in class, such as leading Shabbat or Chanukah blessings at home, saying the 4 Questions at their family seder, or reading Torah in the youth service.
  • Share what they have learned about each other, how they have come together as a kehillah on class projects, etc.

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