Chanukah Judaica Craft Show

On Sunday, November 29, 2020, the Bet Am Shalom Chanukah Judaica Craft Show presented the third Sunday of Live Events. The focus was on artists who craft jewelry. Pre-recorded interviews of Zadok Yehuda (who specializes in working with gold), Amy Kanarek (who works with glass beads) and Alex and Lorelei Gruss (who work with mixed metals, stones and wood) with Robert Kalman were shown. We learned fascinating details about the artists’ inspirations and backgrounds.

Afterward, Robert Weintraub fielded questions from attendees to all three artists via zoom. Following the Live Event, our twelve artists welcomed visitors into their studios via zoom.  Although the Live Events have concluded (for now!) you can still see videos of the artists and shop, 24/7 on the craft show website.