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Torah La'am, the name of our K-12 Jewish education program, means "Torah for the People." It connects directly to the name of our synagogue, conveys we are more than a school that teaches Hebrew, and ties our work overtly to Torah.

Education is a central element of communal life at Bet Am Shalom. Adults and children are encouraged to continually learn and teach. As a Reconstructionist congregation, our goal is to impart a love of our "Religious Civilization" in all its manifestations - Torah, history, language, culture, holidays and festivals, and, of course, values. We also aim to teach the skills and concepts necessary to participate fully in Jewish life. Our families recognize the importance of modeling Jewish living as a vital component of teaching our children. 

Our core curriculum is relevant, meaningful, challenging and multi-dimensional, and is delivered in exciting and age-appropriate modes. In addition to regular in-class learning, our program includes numerous family and inter-generational activities, music, art, and social action programs. Our program is participatory, inclusive and egalitarian.  

Some key elements of our school format are:

  • Integration of outside-the-classroom activities into the curriculum in order to "live our Judaism" and build a stronger community;
  • Numerous opportunities for family and inter-generational learning;
  • A revitalized core curriculum, especially in Hebrew;
  • A commitment to excellent teaching and continuous professional development by the faculty. 

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Description of Programs for Kindergarten through Grade 6

Students in Kitah Bet through Kitah Vav (Grades 2-6) have class twice per week: Wednesdays from 4:00-6:00pm and Sundays from 9:00-11:30am.

Torah Lataf and Kitah Alef (Kindergarten and Grade 1) have class on Sundays only from 9:00-11:30am.

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