Holidays and Festivals

Holiday services are a vital part of our experience as a community. From the Hakafot (processions) of Simchat Torah to the reading of Megillat Esther at Purim, our holiday celebrations as a community are among the greatest bonds we share.

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Lulav & Etrog Trip and Market

Each year Rabbi Bronstein leads a field trip to a New York City lulav/etrog* market – the group purchases sets to fill advance orders of congregants, and for synagogue use. Afterwards, congregants create our own Lulav and Etrog Market back home at Bet Am Shalom.

*The lulav is a set of three kinds of branches. An etrog is a citrus fruit. Both are used in the celebration of Sukkot.


Decorating the BAS Sukkah

Congregants of all ages bedeck the synagogue’s Sukkah with traditional and seasonal decorations, creating a lovely, festive Sukkah for all to enjoy. 

Simchat Torah: Dancing with the Scrolls

We fill our Sanctuary with dancing and joy as we usher in a new year of reading the Torah. Klezmer musicians enhance the festivities. Our children are given a beautiful group “aliyah” for the reading of the last verses of Deuteronomy, followed immediately the first verses of Genesis.

Chanukah Celebrations

Each year we celebrate Chanukah in various ways with something for everyone.

Megillah Reading and Adult Purim Spiel

Following an early evening, family-oriented Megillah reading, the adult Megillah reading is punctuated by a bawdy (in the grand tradition of Purim) and clever adult Spiel, written and performed by talented congregants.

Tikkun Leyl Shavuot

Throughout the world, Jewish communities stay up all night on Shavuot to review the sacred literature we generically call “Torah.” We “reconstruct” this custom by studying a variety of ancient and contemporary sources in pursuit of the Torah of our own day.

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