Jewish Experiences at Home

Check out these resources below to help you create fun and meaningful moments at home with your family. 
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Lisa Jacobs
Director of Family Education & Engagement
Bet Am Shalom Synagogue

Family Goals

Options for Jewish experiences to fulfill your goals
Guidance for parents
  • Click here for a NY Times article on talking to your children about Coronavirus.
  • Reach out to BAS parents to commiserate, express gratitude, and feel supported.
Spend family time together
  • Invite your children to get involved with planning family activities. Share family photos and videos, play a game, take a walk together, try a new recipe…
  • Family activities from PJ Library.
  • Shabbat dinner resources. Use FaceTime or Zoom to light Shabbat candles with others.
  • Stream Friday night or Shabbat servicesClick here for Shabbat prayers.
  • Celebrate Havdalah
Caring for others
  • Doable ideas for all ages to make today meaningful from Westchester Day School.
  • Wish members of BAS community, friends, family a Shabbat Shalom. 
  • Check out this post from Repair the World on 3/16/20 about ways you can support those around us.
  • Talk to your children about tzedakah organizations that are important to you. Think about which organizations need the most help now. Have your child help you make a donation.
  • Create a reusable bag out of an old t-shirt which you can donate to a food pantry in the future. Click here for one way to do this.
  • Go through your house to find items you don’t use anymore that could be donated later.
  • Children can make drawings to share with friends and family online to cheer them up. 
Have values-based discussions as a family
  • Check out this Making Mensches Periodic Table and click on each trait to see more information, including videos and texts to share with your family.
  • Watch this video on the Science of Character which explores who we are and who we want to be. 
  • Having a family discussion of the weekly Torah portion is a great springboard for values-based conversations. For info about this week’s Torah portion go to My Jewish Learning and check out this guide for family discussions.

Calmer bedtime and morning routines
Connect with our children

  • Bedtime ideas: Say or sing the Shema. Ask your child to talk about highlights and concerns from their day.  Talk about ways to address your child’s concerns, then focus on things to look forward to about tomorrow.
  • Cuddle and read Jewish children’s books. PJ Library has Jewish folktales recordings and activities.
  • Morning ideas: Cuddle and take a moment to say three things you are grateful for, say or sing the morning prayer of gratitude: Modeh Ani.
Connect to Israel
Express gratitude Click here for a BAS family guide to expressing gratitude.