Mindfulness and Money, Through a Jewish Lens

What do the Jewish middot (soul traits) of Lovingkindness, Generosity and Contentment have to do with our earning and spending?

How do the concepts of Shabbat and T’shuva (repentance) inform our relationship to money and our material possessions? Barely an hour goes by where we don’t have a thought about something that involves money.

This curriculum is designed to bring the practice of mindfulness to our relationship with money, using a Jewish vocabulary. The goal of this course is to try to think differently about the topic of money and the stories we create about it. We will combine periods of guided meditation with self-inquiry and text study.

The class will be facilitated by BAS member Laura Rotter.

Please contact Laura if you would like to participate or with any questions.

Seven sessions: November 30, December 28, January 25, February 22, March 29, April 26 and May 31.


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