Adult Ed Series: Judaism and Ethics/Values

Explore our treasure trove of Jewish books of wisdom and ethics (mussar) which will provide guidance as to how we can best live the life we have been gifted.

"When engaging in the sex act, you must begin by speaking to your mate in a manner that will draw the heart to you, calm the spirit, and make the other happy...Spek so that your words will provoke desire, love, will and passion." Those words come from Iggeret ha-Kodesh - The Holy Letter traditionally ascribed to Nachmonides. In addition to modes of sexual contact, our classical texts of Jewish ethical literature address issues of family relationships, business matters, charity -  our interactions with our world, our God, and ourselves.

Texts will be provided in English.

Presented by Rabbi Fredda Cohen.

Dates for this topic: December 10, 17, January 7, 21, 28

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