Kitah Bet - Grade 2

Teacher: Morah Lori Cohen


Torah: Shemot/Exodus:
Students will review the book of Beresheet/Genesis, then focus their study on the book of Shemot with the theme of "As If I Were There."  Exodus is our Jewish communal experience which connects us to our people, our land, and our history.  The Exodus story inspires us to treat people with chesed (kindness).  Students will reflect on their Torah study with a Torah journal, adding to it, as they learn through experiential activities: fleeing slavery from Egypt, rejoicing their freedom with song, hearing the lightning and thunder at Mt. Sinai, receiving the Torah, and being guided by mitzvot (sacred acts).  Integrated into the Shemot curriculum is Hebrew vocabulary, holidays, mitzvot, prayers, music, and art.  

Chagim/Holidays and Shabbat:
Through engaging, experiential, and age-appropriate activities, students will explore the meaning of the Jewish holidays, including their rituals, mitzvot and the way they are celebrated in Israel.  Students' holiday experiences outside of class will enrich their understanding of and personal connection to each holiday.

Spirituality and Tefillah/Prayer:
Kitah Bet will sing, understand the meaning of, and make a personal connection to selected tefillot/prayers from the Friday night and Shabbat morning services.  2nd graders are encouraged to participate in Shabbat No'ar, our youth service, from 11am-noon on Shabbat mornings to connect with our BAS community and put into practice the tefillot they are learning. Students will recite brachot for different foods during their snack time, and practice blessings associated with the holidays.  

Click here to listen to Shabbat and holiday prayers and songs.

Through the Tiyulim program, the students will learn the Hebrew letters and vowels and start to read Hebrew words.  The Tiyulim program also includes photos of and information about cities in Israel.  Hebrew reading skills and vocabulary are incorporated into every aspect of the curriculum.  Basic modern Hebrew is used in the classroom as well.

Jewish History
Students will hear the book All of a Kind Family as a read-aloud in class to learn what life was like as a Jewish family living on the Lower East Side of NYC in the early 1900’s.  We hope to inspire the students to read more of the All of a Kind Family books at home--either as a read-aloud with parents or independently.  In the spring 2nd graders and parents will head to the Lower East Side for an “All of a Kind Family” walking tour of the Lower East Side with an educator from the Museum at Eldridge Street.

Building community:
Students will have many opportunities throughout the year to connect with their Chaverim (buddies) in fifth grade.  We gather together for whole-school holiday celebrations, as well as for grade level family programs on Shabbat and Sundays during school.

Israel: Israel is integrated throughout the curriculum in their Hebrew, Torah, and holidays studies, as well as during music time.

Shirah (Music) and Omanut (Art):
Kitah Bet will join 3rd graders for music. The music curriculum includes holiday songs, Israeli songs, and traditional Jewish songs. Kitah Bet will participate in 2 Omanut (Art) workshops which are integrated into the curriculum.

Gemilut Chasadim/Acts of Loving Kindness
Kitah Bet will learn about the Jewish value of Tzaar Baalei Chayim, caring for animals.  The study of this value will be integrated into their Torah study as well, such as laws in Exodus that teach how we should treat animals. 


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