Kitah Dallet - Grade 4


Kitah Dallet students will study specfic Torah stories to focus on the theme of leadership.  They will explore these guiding questions: What are the qualities of a strong leader and a weak leader? What types of leaders are in the Torah? How do they solve conflicts? Why were they chosen to lead? Students will study and practice reading verses of Torah in Hebrew and learn vocabulary from these verses.  They will read 1-2 verses of Torah in our Youth Service twice a year.

Chagim/Holidays and Shabbat: 
Through engaging, experiential, and age-appropriate activities, students will explore the meaning of the Jewish holidays, including their rituals, mitzvot, and the way they're celebrated in Israel.  Students' holiday experiences outside of class will enrich their understanding of and personal connection to each holiday.

Spirituality and Tefillah/Prayer:
Students will study the meaning of and practice the Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbat Morning Services.  In the spring the Kitah Dallet students will learn the Friday Night Kiddush to lead at a BAS Family Shabbat Dinner.  During class time, they will also prepare the desserts for the dinner.
When families participate in BAS Friday night and Shabbat morning services, they connect to their BAS community, and the students live what they are learning.

Click here to listen to Shabbat and holiday prayers and songs.

Students will strengthen their Hebrew skills when participating in tefillot, singing Hebrew songs, using modern Hebrew phrases in class, and through Hebrew curriculum that strengthen their reading fluency, vocabulary, and understanding of tefillot.

Gemilut Chasadim/Acts of Loving Kindness:
Kitah Dallet will explore the value of Tzedakah, including how to make decisions about where to donate tzedakah based on Jewish values. Each student will prepare a presentation to the class about a tzedakah organization that is important to him/her.  Then the class will vote on where to donate their class tzedakah.

Building community:
Students will build connections with their grades K&1 chaverim (buddies) throughout the year. Kitah Dallet students take on a leadership role when they lead Tu B'Shevat activities for their chaverim. We gather together for whole-school holiday celebrations, as well as for grade level family programs on Shabbat and Sundays during school.

Shirah (Music) and Omanut (Art):
Kitah Dallet will participate in Shirah (music) to sing songs in Hebrew about Jewish holidays and Israel.  Kitah Dallet will participate in 2 Omanut (Art) workshops that are integrated into the curriculum.

Youth Events:
Click here to see the many opportunities 4th graders have to participate in youth programs, including band. 

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