Kitah Vav - Grade 6

Teacher: Moreh Danny Ori


Tanakh: Prophets
The Prophets: Speaking Out for Justice curriculum explores the lives of specific prophets and the Jewish values they exemplify with connections to modern day teens and adults who walk in the prophets’ footsteps.  Students will strengthen their Hebrew reading skills as they read verses from Torah and Prophets.  In addition they will learn verses of Torah to read in our youth service twice a year.

Chagim/Holidays and Shabbat:
The Kitah Vav holiday curriculum actively engages the students in text study, hands-on experiences, thought-provoking questions that foster discussions about how they can enrich their lives Jewishly.  

Spirituality and Tefillah/Prayer:
6th graders study, practice, and find personal connections to the Kabbalat Shabbat and Shabbat morning service, including the Torah service and blessings.  
6th graders are encouraged to attend the main service to increase their comfort with the Shabbat morning service and connect with their BAS community.

Click here to listen to Shabbat and holiday prayers and songs.

Students will strengthen their Hebrew skills when participating in tefillot, singing Hebrew songs, using modern Hebrew phrases in class, and through the Hebrew in Harmony Hebrew and Tefillah program. This program builds the students' Hebrew reading and tefillah skills.
Through our Israel curriculum, students are immersed in a variety of aspects of Israel today: technological innovation, diverse population, politics, security, the environment, food, the arts, and sports. Kitah Vav will learn about modern Israel, as well as Israeli history, music videos, photos, art projects, primary source documents, and more which will bring their learning to life.                                                                     

Shirah (Music) and Omanut (Art):
Kitah Vav will participate in Shirah (music). The music curriculum includes holiday songs, Israeli songs, and traditional Jewish songs. Kitah Vav will participate in 2 Omanut (Art) workshops that are integrated into the curriculum.  

Gemilut Chasadim/Acts of Loving Kindness:
Kitah Vav will explore the value of Tzedakah, including how to make decisions about where to donate tzedakah based on Jewish values.  They will organize a fundraiser for a tzedakah organization that the class chooses. 

Building community:
Our Chaverim (buddies) program gives Kitah Vav the opportunities to get to know Kitah Gimmel students, to strengthen our community across age groups. The fall Kitah Vav family program will include time for the parents of the Chaverim in grades 3 & 6 to meet. We gather together for whole-school holiday celebrations, as well as for grade level family programs on Shabbat and Sundays during school.

Youth Events:
Click here to see the many opportunities 6th graders have to participate in youth programs, including youth events, and band. 

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