Teacher: Morah Marisa Jackson

Nitzanim is the Hebrew word for buds, new growth on flowers and trees.  


Students will explore selected stories in the book of Beresheet/Genesis.  The class is guided by these questions: Who are the members of our Torah family?  What do we learn from our Torah family about how to treat each other and the world?  The Torah curriculum includes connections to Hebrew, prayers, holidays, mitzvot (sacred acts), and middot (values).  Torah is learned and experienced through children’s literature, art, music, and drama. 

Through engaging, experiential, and age-appropriate activities, students will explore the meaning of the Jewish holidays, including their rituals, mitzvot and the way they are celebrated in Israel.  Students will share how their families celebrate Jewish holidays to enrich classroom learning.  When we are permitted to meet in person, the students make challah for one of the BAS Family Shabbat Service & Dinner programs.

Spirituality and Tefillah/Prayer
Rabbi Bronstein will lead grades K-6 in prayer regularly on Sunday mornings.
Students will explore the synagogue and what makes it a special place. During snack time, the students will practice reciting blessings over different foods. Students will sing, understand the meaning of, and make a personal connection to the following prayers: Modeh Ani, Mah Tovu, Shema, Mi Chamocha, and Oseh Shalom. They will practice the Chanukah candle blessings and the Four Questions, as well as identify the concepts of mitzvot and tzedakah and how they apply to students’ lives.

Students will learn to identify some of the Hebrew letters and learn Hebrew words in connection with their study of tefillah, Torah, holidays, and music. Hebrew letters are taught with a multi-sensory approach—speaking, singing, writing, kinesthetic activities such as alef-bet yoga, stories about the letters, and art projects.

Building community
Through our Chaverim (Buddies) program, students will have many opportunities to build connections with older students.

The music curriculum includes holiday songs, Israeli songs, and traditional Jewish songs.

Israel is weaved through all aspects of the curriculum to develop the Jewish value of Ahavat Tzion (Love of Israel).  We teach biblical and modern connections to Israel, as well as the diversity of the people and geography in Israel.