Students in Kitah Zayin (Grade 7) meet Monday or Wednesday nights for class (TBD) at the same time as our 8th-12th graders.  7th-12th graders enjoy pizza and social time from 6:00-6:40 pm, then class from 6:40-8:00 pm. At dinner, the teens take turns leading the blessings after the meal–Birkhat Hamazon. The 8th-12th graders are role models for the 7th graders to continue their Jewish learning in the Torah La’am Teen Program

Much of the seventh-grade year is spent on preparing students for their b’nei mitzvah.  This applies to content, literacy, and skills, as well as to the social-emotional learning that is part and parcel of this significant rite of passage.  Through a project-based learning curriculum, students jointly decide on a group ‘mitzvah project’ that they pursue throughout the year.  Our seventh graders also create personalized yads (Torah pointers) with their Hebrew names to use when reading Torah on their special day and beyond. 

Additionally, our seventh graders and their parents attend approximately ten sessions with Rabbi Bronstein on Sunday mornings in the fall and winter of their seventh-grade year.  This beloved program augments the seventh-grade curriculum and prepares students and their families for their b’nei mitzvah.