Multigenerational Shavu'ot Celebration

Celebrate Shavu'ot with learning and our intergenerational community via ZOOM.

We'll begin with candlelighting for all followed by Tefillat Ma’ariv for Shavu’ot  “Kulanu-style” service (our service format specially targeted to children and parents, but great for all ages – “kulanu” – “everyone included”), led by Rabbi Les Bronstein and Cantor Benjie Schiller.

Numerous study sessions will then be offered geared for children, families, teens, and adults - something for every age group! Early sessions for little ones.

Session leaders will include Abby Reiken, Rachel Posner, Roz Schulman, Rabbi Fredda Cohen, Eric Levine and mother-daughter team of Beth Davidson and Josie Rothman.

Members see dedicated email, Weekly Calendar or Members side of the website for Zoom link.

Read more about celebrating Shavu'ot.


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