Pandemic Picture Project

The BAS Gallery Committee is interested in what you’ve been doing while either staying at home or doing vital work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please send drawings, photos or digital art that you have created during this time.

Intrigued? Join in!  This is a rolling project, so please send your contributions in as soon as you can to both Paula and Phyllis.

Gallery of congregant creations

Last updated August 21, 2020.
Click on image or name to see more.


Judy Zingher




Vitalah Simon




Rachel Gordon Bernstein




Alane Ellenbogen



Joan Rosen




Eric Levine




Bobbi Baker




Richard Cohen





Carol Japha





Robert Reitter




Tapani Talo




Ellen Cutler Levy




Michelle Stern




Cynthia Schneider




Sid Hecker




Mimi Koren



Patty Wager




Jay Siegelaub





Laurie Bass




Lori & Bob Gordon



Kari Kohl & Family


Louise Yanuck



Paula Markowitz Wittlin




Robert & Marilyn Weintraub





Rabbi Les Bronstein & Cantor Benjie Ellen Schiller






Benjamin Gartenberg





Ilene Semiatin




Phyllis & Stanley Handler





Susan Van Doren





Don & Beth Capelin




Anne Corey & Connie Knapp





Joey Kellman





Fran Heyman




Harry Waizer & Karen Walsh




Gail Simmons




Alan Ganek


Michaele Goodman



Andrea Glenn



Patrice Schwartz





Bet Am Shalom: A Year in Pictures

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