Parenting Workshops

BAS parents are invited to attend one or more of these parenting workshops.

BAS Education Director Abby Reiken will lead the workshops on 10/28 and 4/7.  Ellen Weisberg, a social worker from Westchester Jewish Community Services, and Abby will lead the workshops on 12/2 and 1/13.

By sharing our struggles and successes in meeting our own Jewish parenting goals, we'll validate the challenges of parenting and come together as a community to support each other's efforts.  We will incorporate ideas from the book Jewish Spiritual Parenting as well as other Jewish and secular resources.

Sundays 10/28, 12/2, 1/13, 4/7 from 9:10 - 10:30 AM in Room 9—with bagels and coffee. Babysitting is available.

RSVP for each workshop is appreciated, but not required. RSVP and sign up for babysitting with Abby Reiken.

Reflections from parents who have attended our parenting workshops:

  • appreciated the openness and honesty of participants and building community with other parents in this sharing environment
  • felt validated in the struggles of parenting and learned strategies I want to try
  • helpful to hear viewpoints and experiences of other parents, including parents with teens
  • everyone was engaged in the discussion

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