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We are proud of the role that singing plays in the services at Bet Am Shalom. Everyone is welcome to join in the songs. Click on the links below (the prayer names in blue) to hear recordings made by Cantor Benjie Ellen Schiller of some of the standard melodies we use for prayers on Friday night and Saturday morning.

Friday Night: Erev Shabbat

1.  Barchu Erev Shabbat
2.  Maariv Aravim (not yet available)
3.  Ahavat Olam (not yet available)
4.  Shema, V’ahavta
5.  Mi Chamocha-Maariv
6.  V’shamru
7.  Chatzi Kaddish (not yet available)
8.  Oseh Shalom
9.  Kiddush for Erev Shabbat
10. Aleynu
11. Adon Olam
12. Birkat Hamazon (not yet available)

Saturday Morning: Shabbat Morning

1. Barchu-Shabbat Morning
2. Yotzer Or for Shabbat Morning (not yet available)
3. Ahava Raba (not yet available)
4. Mi Chamocha Shacharit
5. Avot V’imahot
6. Gvurot (not yet available)
7. Kedusha
8. Sim Shalom
9. Brachot Hatorah (Torah Blessings)
10. Ashrei--recorded by Rabbi Fredda Cohen

Services for a Shiva Home


Click on the links below to hear recordings made by Rabbi Fredda Cohen.
1. Ashrei and Chatzi Kaddish
2. The Amidah
3. Full Kaddish and Aleynu
4. Mourner's Kaddish


Click on the links below to hear a recording by Rabbi Lester Bronstein for those leading a Maariv service at a shiva home and for havdalah recorded by Rabbi Fredda Cohen.

1. Maariv
2. Havdalah

Chanukah Candle Blessings and Songs

Click on the links below to hear recordings made by Cantor Marcey Wagner. You can also download the texts to go along with the blessings and the songs.

1. Chanukah Candle Blessings
2. Maoz Tzur
3. Haneirot Halalu
4. Text to accompany above blessings and songs 



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