Shabbat Kulanu: All-Congregation Kabbalat Shabbat & "Pizza in the Hut"

ALL congregants and guests are welcome!

Our rabbi and cantor “tweak” our already-family-friendly Shabbat eve service to accommodate young children and parents. Lots of singing, and freedom to get up and wander around! Following the service will be our ever-popular "Pizza in the (Sukkah) Hut" with more singing and moving around! BAS will provide the pizza; the dairy or pareve sides and dessert will be potluck. Dessert will be in the Sukkah!

Come and see the Sukkah decorations that the children made in Torah La'am.

RSVP required by September 24.

2018-2019 Shabbat Kulanu dates: 9/28/18, 11/30/18, 1/25/19, 3/1/19, 4/5/19, 5/31/19


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