Tikkun Olam/Social Action

Simon the Righteous was one of the last of The Great Assembly. His motto was “The world stands on three things – the Torah, the Temple (service), and loving acts of kindness.”

This statement reflects the focus of the Tikkun Olam and Social Action initiatives at Bet Am Shalom Synagogue. We strive to put the values of the Torah into action by performing loving acts of kindness. Won’t you join us? Together, we will plan tikkun olam (repairing the world) projects for our synagogue community. For information and to volunteer, contact the BAS office at betamshalom@betamshalom.org or 914-946-8851.

Tikkun Olam Initiative on Immigration Reform

MISSION: Engage the Bet Am Shalom community in education, advocacy and service on issues related to immigration.


Bet Am Shalom is partnering with Woodlands Community Temple, under the guidance of HIAS, to resettle a refugee family.
The volunteers have now completed their training. Once paperwork has been submitted by the CORE volunteer team and reviewed, we will be eligible to receive a family.
Co-chairing this effort is Laura Solomon, Susan Van Doren & Robert Reitter from Bet Am Shalom and Marge Glusker and Dan Emery from Woodlands.
We look forward to working together to "welcome the stranger."


Immigration-related topic and speakers:

  • Monday, March 20: Global Refugee Crisis through a Jewish Lens
  • Saturday, April 22: Buffet dinner, Havdalah and speakers on Immigration

BAS is considering co-sponsoring a refugee family in Westchester with other local groups through HIAS. We will know more in October if the State Department approves HIAS's application to settle refugees.

Click here for a list of volunteer opportunities including distributing food and clothing, tutoring/mentoring, being a college coach for high schoolers.

Meals in a Jar Project, January 16, 2017:
Help prepare 130+ meals for local needy families as part of interfaith initiative "Feeding our Neighbors."

Contact Laura Solomon for more information about Tikkun Olam.

Social Action Projects

Our members give their time, effort, dedication and support for the various projects organized by the Tikkun Olam/Social Action chevra.  Join us for a day or the season, for one project or all of them.

For information and to volunteer, contact the office or the organizers of individual projects.

Here is a sampling of our BAS programs:

  • Corners of Our Fields Food Drive led by Mazon Help support the Food Bank for Westchester. Please pick up brown bags when leaving Rosh Hashanah services and return them filled with non-perishable items during the week of Sukkot to the BAS front lobby.
  • Midnight Run
    Prepare food for homeless of NYC. Travel in caravan to deliver food, seasonal clothing, conversation, and kindness to those living on the street. BAS participates several times a year.
  • Open Arms Shelter  (2x/month)
    Prepare dessert and vegetables for the residents of this White Plains shelter. More info
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners
    We provide a full holiday meal for the men of the Vaughn Glanton Shelter in Mount Vernon. Volunteers needed to cook individual elements of the dinners and deliver them to the Bet Am Shalom parking lot on the morning of the holiday. A van will pick up the food for delivery to the Shelter. More info
  • Social Action Concert  
    A fun, musical evening. Volunteers needed for all types of jobs. Past concerts have raised funds for Midnight Run, Children’s Center for Learning and Project Morry.
  • Ecumenical Food Pantry - ongoing
    We provide ongoing donations to this food pantry located at the Slater House in White Plains. Please bring non-perishable foods with you (only kosher please) when you come to Bet Am Shalom and place them in our donation basket, which is located in the entranceway of the building.

Westchester social action opportunities

Green Chevra

Click here to see how our Green Chevra is "repairing the world."

updated March 24, 2017

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