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Shabbat Morning Yoga

Do you want to discover the relationship between Jewish wisdom, yoga and meditation?  Come to a free-of-charge Jewish yoga class to unwind, breathe, stretch and be inspired.

Mitzvah Knits

If you are an experienced knitter, like to crochet, or just want to learn . . . why not join our friendly group of crafters.  Help create hats, afghan blankets, and baby items that are destined for needy families in Israel and the United States.

Instruction is available. Contact Sandy Birnbach or the synagogue office.

Rabbi's Parashah Study Group

Each Wednesday evening, Rabbi Bronstein leads a tour of the "Par'shat Hashavua," the Torah portion of the week.  The class will look at plot, themes, language, poetry, theology, history, and of course, commentary. 

The class is intended to be stimulating for the adept AND a worthwhile learning experience for novices, including non-Hebrew readers.

Guided Meditation for Spiritual Growth

Have you been interested in cultivating meditative skills as a way of quieting the mind, entering contemplative states, expanding self awareness, and having greater access to a direct experience of prayer that holds personal meaning?

Rabbi's Talmud Study Group

This morning study group meets on Thursday mornings in the library and makes its way through the Steinsaltz translation and commentary on the Talmud. Good food for thought and good company. You can drop in anytime or become a regular. No prerequisites other than a love of Jewish learning.

Parent Talk with Rabbi B

Join other parents with children of all ages for a conversation with Rabbi Bronstein about Jewish values and how they impact the issues that parents are dealing with every day.

Yiddish Conversation Circle

Enjoy our Yiddish heritage and deepen and broaden our familiarity with this language. We talk together, learn and farbreng tsuzamen.

The group is bilingual. There are lesson plans and singing in Yiddish.

For more information, contact Pearl Stark.

Adult Bible Study

Following the morning Tisha B'Av service, the congregation is invited to join a study of Midrashic responses to community tragedy.

Acharei Kiddush - Moving Towards Peace in the Middle East

Explore the current regional dynamics in the Middle East, threats of war, and the potential to move towards greater stability and peace.

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