Torah La’am/K-12 programs

Craft Show Tour for all BAS 3rd-6th graders

In small groups students and parent volunteers will meet some Craft Show artists and explore their work.

Parent Volunteers needed.  RSVP to Jennifer.

Israeli Dancing for BAS children and Parents

We'll learn Israeli dances to prepare for the BAS Simchat Torah Celebration on 10/5, when the community participates in Israeli dancing and Torah parades, as we celebrate the cycle of reading Torah.  All BAS children in the following grades and their parents are invited to join us in the Sanctuary.

9:25-9:55am for grades 2&5

10:10-10:40am for grades 3&6

10:50-11:20 for grades K,1,4

Tent Chair Set Up

Join fellow congregants to set up the white chairs in the tent for the High Holy Days. Pizza will be provided!

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