Torah La’am K-12 programs

Shabbat No'ar (Youth Service)

Children of all ages are invited to learn about the story of Noah and the ark.  The Nature of Things will visit with live animals to teach us about caring for animals.

Israeli Dancing for Torah La'am

In the Sanctuary to prepare for Simchat Torah.  Parents welcome to join their children!

10:00-10:25 AM Grades 3 & 6

10:30-10:55 AM Grades 2 & 5

1:00-11:30 AM Grades K, 1, 4

Tent Chair Setup

Join fellow congregants to set up the white chairs in the tent for the High Holy Days. All ages welcome.
Pizza will be provided!

First Day of Classes for Grades K-6

9:00-9:20am  Parents are invited to bring their children to their classes to meet the teachers and teen aides.

9:20-9:50am Parent Welcome in the Simcha Room with Abby Reiken, Rabbi Bronstein, and new Family Outreach Coordinator Lily Nagy-Deak.

9:50-11:30am Coffee & Bagels in the Simcha Room—Parents are welcome to stay, schmooze, and meet Lily and PTA & School Board members.

Global Refugee Crisis Through a Jewish Lens

Beyond the Headlines: An Introduction to the Global Refugee Crisis Through a Jewish Lens.

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