Working with Madrichim

Dear Teachers,

Our madrichim play an important role of providing assitance to the teachers, helping to engage the students, working with students one-on-one, being role models, and leading Hebrew reading groups.  All of you are giving your madrichim support in some or all of these ways.  Please look over this list for ways you can help your madrichim:

1.    The madrichim need to know your plan, so they are ready to assist the class.  One way to do this is to email your madrichim in advance of class with a brief outline of what the class will be doing and ways they can help.  Another option is to meet with your madrichim in the beginning of class, as your students enter and start working independently on an activity.  Please make sure that you are also greeting your students as they enter. 

2.    The madrichim and the students are comforted by knowing what is happening next, so please put your schedule for each session on the board.  You can adjust the schedule as needed, but you can start with a framework. 

3.    Give your madrichim specific direction throughout the class time.

4.    When you ask your madrichim to work with small groups, give the madrichim clear guidelines on what you want them to do with the group and how long they should work on that activity.  Let the madrichim know what they should have the students do if their group finishes early.

5.    Hebrew small groups: the madrichim need very specific skills to learn how to lead Hebrew small groups.  Go to each group and model strategies that you want the madrichim to use.  Take your madrichim to the side and ask them to describe the strategies you used, and give them guidance on how and why to use these strategies.  The madrichim asked to have Hebrew letter/vowel charts next to them while they are working with the students.  I put extra copies in the Teachers’ Room for you to take for your madrichim.  Click here for strategies you can share with your madrichim under the heading: Small Group or Paired Reading.

Please share with me any strategies you have found helpful in working with madrichim, so I can add to this page.

Thank you so much for your work with the madrichim, which enriches the whole class.


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