The mission of the “Green Chevra” is to work with the congregation to develop an environmentally sustainable synagogue, community, country, and world, guided by Jewish values.

We put our mission into action by bringing extra food after synagogue events to shelters for distribution to those who need it, and we aspire to divert food scraps to composting, encouraging the municipality to facilitate that. 

We also aspire to free our functions from plastic and other waste.  We encourage connection with our natural environment through hikes, native plantings and study events, for example through films, presentations and the annual Tu b’Shevat celebration

Contact Judy Zingher if you’d like to get involved.

What the Green Chevra Does

  • Collects leftover food from Shabbat Kiddush and donates it to the Open Arms shelter
  • Oversees recycling of plastics at Shabbat kiddushes and Judaica Craft Show
  • Offers educational programs on topics such as plastics and the environment, renewable energy in the US and Israel, and climate change
  • Presents annual Tu B’Shevat seders, linking Jewish spiritual traditions to environmental concerns
  • Sends BAS reps to environmental demonstrations such as the People’s Climate March
  • Works with BAS administration to make sure the synagogue building follows best environmental practices