Torah La’am, the name of our K-12 Jewish education program, means “Torah for the People.” 

At Torah La’am, we understand that students live full and busy lives, and we are appreciative of the commitment that children and families make to pursuing a Jewish education with us.  We strive to cultivate a warm and caring environment for our students so that they can comfortably grow and explore Judaism through an intentionally pluralistic lens.   

The overarching goals of our program are for students to:

  • feel both pride and joy in their Jewishness.
  • have a thoughtfully engaged relationship with their growing Jewish identities
  • understand and respect that there are many different ways to be Jewish
  • practice and live into Jewish values (tikkun olam/repairing the world, hachnasat orchim/welcoming the stranger, tzedek/justice, bal tashchit/protecting the environment, etc…)
  • feel a comfort in our community and see Bet Am Shalom as another one of their “homes”
  • connect with other Jewish children and adults 
  • gain basic literacy in Hebrew, classic and contemporary texts and thought liturgy 
  • develop a relationship with Israel and understand that they can be both loving and critical

You can learn more about our curricula and our educational team by clicking on the images below.  

Contact Lisa Jacobs, Director of Family Education & Engagement, at or (914) 946-8851 to learn more or to set up a time to visit.

**If you enroll a child in our education program, synagogue membership is
FREE for the first year for new families!**