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Torah La’am, the name of our K-12 Jewish education program, means “Torah for the People.” 

Enroll a child in our education program and membership is free for the first year for new families!

We create personally meaningful, joyful ways for the whole family to experience Jewish living. We have experienced how nurturing and meaningful it is to come together with our BAS Torah La’am community–whether in person or online.  

We utilize technology in creative ways to teach our students Jewish values of intentional living, expressing gratitude, as well as caring for oneself and others.

Our teachers focus on building communities in which students live Jewish values while learning.  Students experience listening to and valuing a variety of perspectives, learning from everyone in the room, and helping each other grow. 

Our students actively learn Hebrew through decoding, reading, writing speaking, and singing Hebrew. We incorporate Hebrew learning into our explorations of Torah, tefillah (prayer), holidays, and everyday words in class. We utilize small group learning and one-on-one support to strengthen students’ Hebrew skills.

Our program includes family and intergenerational activities, parenting workshops, music, youth band, art, cooking, hands-on projects, and social action programs.

Our team of educators, including teachers with degrees in special education, regularly participates in professional development to learn progressive ways to engage all students. We communicate regularly with parents to bring the learning home and meet individual students’ needs. Our teen aides are guided by the teachers to provide individualized support for students as needed.

Contact Lisa Jacobs, Director of Family Education & Engagement, at or (914) 946-8851 to learn more or to set up a time to visit.