We welcome you!

Dear Friends and Potential New Members,

My enthusiasm for our synagogue knows no bounds. I truly believe that we are doing something of lasting importance for the Jewish people and for the larger community as well…

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We are not a large congregation by anyone’s standards. Nonetheless, the people who choose to make Bet Am Shalom their Jewish home tend to show up often, in large numbers, and with a sense of enthusiasm for this special community. We believe we have fashioned a unique place, fueled by the creative spirit of our members.

We come to pray and meditate; we come to study. We come to plan and promote programs and tend to the congregation’s needs. We come together to reach beyond ourselves to bring a modicum of justice and decency to our world. We come to provide for each other during times of joy, times of sadness, and all the moments in between. We come to have fun. We come to share in each other’s lives.

We want our children to come here, too, not just to learn, but also to find meaning, joy, and connection to our traditions to create a foundation for a vibrant Jewish future.

Our four hundred-plus households truly “use” the synagogue to its fullest. Not so long ago, we expanded our physical home. Why? We enlarged our “tent” to enable and support the unbounded enthusiasm for Jewish life that we see at Bet Am Shalom – to build a physical foundation for the future of our community.

Now we want to share our special community with you. We welcome your enthusiasm, new ideas, and new interests. Come and be part of the Bet Am Shalom community and find out what we are doing for the Jewish people and the world we share. Come and experience all that Bet Am Shalom can offer you.

I hope that you will want to become part of this vibrant synagogue. Please call (914-946-5581) or email me so that I may answer your questions personally.

Rabbi Lester Bronstein

Why join Bet Am Shalom?

We’re doers and learners

Throughout the week we run a rich schedule of events and programs: family education, adult learning, guest speakers, youth programs, Shorashim (our Sunday morning program for preschoolers and their parents), and social action programs. Consult our calendar for a schedule of these events as well as special programming.

We’re spiritual and social

Join us for a Friday evening or Shabbat morning of prayer, singing, and learning. Participate in our communal Kiddush luncheon following the service. Experience our engaging and meaningful Family and Children’s programming that is highly spiritual in nature – not only on Shabbat and holidays but throughout the week as well (especially Sundays).

Members of our Board of Trustees and School Board greet and welcome each person into the Shabbat morning service and will be delighted to make you feel at home as a visitor or a new member.

If you would like to have someone host you at a service, please email Ann Crane, Chair of Member Engagement, and she will gladly arrange for someone to meet you. If you would like to learn more about our spiritual community, please contact Rabbi Lester Bronstein

We encourage our young people to thrive

Our religious school, Torah La’am, serves students in kindergarten through 12th grade. We offer a curriculum that emphasizes joy, connectedness, Jewish and Hebrew literacy, and tikkun olam (repairing the world)/social action, all through the lenses of the Jewish calendar, traditional texts, and contemporary commentary.

When we meet:
     – K-2 students: Sunday mornings
     – 3rd through 6th graders: Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoons
     – 7th through 12th graders: Monday evenings for dinner and classes.

The bar/bat mitzvah is an important milestone along a child’s Jewish journey, and we intentionally prepare our students for this unique rite of passage. During their seventh grade year, our students and their parents attend a special series of classes as a cohort with the Rabbi leading up to their b’nei mitzvah.

We also hold a monthly program on Sundays, Shorashim, for children ages 0 to 5, and their parents, grandparents and caregivers. This program explores a different theme each month through multiple modalities, including music, movement, art, cooking, and play. 

Feel free to contact Lisa Jacobs, our Director of Family Education & Engagement by phone (914-946-8851) or email.

We don’t require you to buy High Holy Day tickets

Our High Holy Day services are open to everyone, as are our joyous celebrations of Jewish holidays and festivals throughout the year.

About our membership dues

One of the core values at Bet Am Shalom is the belief that finances should never be a barrier to membership. Bet Am Shalom has several dues categories to meet the financial, geographic and demographic needs of individuals and families; if this fee structure does not meet your financial circumstances, we welcome any conversation that will lead to a more comfortable arrangement.

We are eager to welcome you and to answer any other questions you might have. Please feel free to contact our Member Engagement Chair, Ann Crane or our Executive Director Lisa Goldberg