We are actively engaged in a wide range of hands-on service opportunities to address hunger and homelessness. 

Here is a sampling :

  • Midnight Run
    We donate food items, seasonal clothing, blankets, and personal care items. We prepare food, clothing and supplies the night of the Run. We travel in a caravan to Manhattan and bring food, clothing, conversation, and kindness to people living on the street. We go on Runs four times a year.
  • Open Arms Shelter 
    We deliver leftover food from Kiddush weekly. Sign up here.
    Twice a month we prepare dessert and vegetables for the residents of this White Plains shelter. 
  • Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners
    We provide a full holiday meal for the men of the Vernon Plaza Family Shelter in Mount Vernon.  
  • Social Action Concert 
    A fun, musical evening. Past concerts have raised funds for Midnight Run, Children’s Center for Learning and Project Morry. 
  • Ecumenical Food Pantry – ongoing
    We provide ongoing donations to this food pantry located at the Slater House in White Plains.
  • Corners of Our Fields Food Drive
    Inspired by Mazon, we help support Feeding Westchester during the week of Sukkot.

Contact Rochelle Leiber-Miller if you would like to get involved.

Midnight Run – Preparing Clothes
Midnight Run – Ready to Deliver