BAS Town Hall Meeting

On Tuesday evening, December 8, 2020. Bet Am Shalom had our first virtual Town Hall meeting. Ninety-seven screens tuned in, each connecting one or two members.  Our President, Barbara Aloni began with introductions, and then the Rabbi taught us some Torah.  David Abramson, who is the head of our COVID response team, laid out in detail what we have done in response to the virus, what we are doing, and will do, and why. He screen-shared charts and graphs during his presentation. Susan Roth, Chair of the BAS Board of Trustees, spoke to us about the evening’s format, after participants were given a chance to ask David questions. When the everyone-together portion of the program was completed, we were moved seamlessly into discussion breakout rooms, pre-selected by the members to talk about topics of interest, such as BOOKS, OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES, BINGE TV, FOOD, and other possibilities. A great evening for BAS bonding!