Pandemic Picture Project: Alan Ganek

Anyone who visited the Congregant Art and Craft Show in the BAS Gallery knows that Alan Ganek is a master woodworker. The pandemic has not kept Alan away from his craft. He has been the most prolific artist in the congregation, to our knowledge. If anyone has produced more works of art, please do share! Looks like having a grandson has turned his attention from bowls to children’s toys as you can see below. (Captions are Alan’s own words.) As Alan continued working during this time, he became increasingly philosophical in his work. He shared with us the exquisite bowl below with this explanation, “This is a piece I call Harmony. It is walnut and maple, 5”x5”x4.5”. The maple stripe is inserted into the natural edge walnut bowl in concert with the wavy walnut grain pattern, not to show contrast, but rather to show that different colors can co-exist beautifully in the same grain – a metaphor. Follow the link to find a photo and also a short video in the round which I feel conveys the message better.” Alan’s woodworking has also taken him into new adventures in bowl creation.