Afghan Cooking Class

On Sunday afternoon November 24, 2019, a group of Bet Am Shalom members gathered to learn about the art of Afghan cooking. Tikkun Olam chairperson Laura Solomon organized the cooking demo and hands-on class which was conducted by local chef Mahnaz. In a two-hour span, the group: A. received recipes for Pumpkin Mantu, Rolled Eggplant, Gulpi (Cauliflower), Baklava and Babaganoush, B. prepared and cooked the recipes and C. ate a scrumptious repast of the foods they had just prepared! Mahnaz did some prep work in advance to make this all possible!

Check out these photos, and if your mouth starts to water, you might consider signing up for the next cooking class run by the Tikkun Olam chevra!