Gallery Chevra Art Gallery Trip

Our Bet Am Shalom Gallery Chevra took a trip to The Seven Bridges Foundation Art Gallery in Greenwich, CT on Friday, October 11, 2019. Due to a combination of scheduling conflicts and illness, not all members of the chevra were able to travel to this little known treasure just a hop, skip and jump away from Westchester. Those that were able to visit the collection, established by Richard McKenzie, were both visually and spiritually enriched. The non-profit foundation is housed on 80 beautiful acres, where landscape design is part of the collection. Architect Laura Kaehler designed a remarkable building to display photo realistic art and glass sculptures. Most artworks are by emerging and recently emerged artists, though a fair number of pieces by world renowned artists also populate the collection. The foundation is open only by appointment, from April to mid-October, for small group bi-weekly tours. Our Gallery Chevra was inspired by what they saw. Perhaps some new ideas will be reflected in upcoming shows in our own BAS Gallery.