Social Action Chevra Brings Food to Open Arms Shelter

Twice every month volunteers from the Social Action Chevra help to provide a meal for the Open Arms Shelter in White Plains. We provide both dessert and vegetables, with one volunteer taking on dessert and another taking on the preparation and delivery of vegetables for about 30 men, each time. That means four Bet Am Shalom members provide some sort of food each month, 12 months per year! (This is in addition to the Thanksgiving and Christmas meals that the Social Action Chevra organizes for many families at a shelter in Mount Vernon each year.) Often the same people are cooking and delivering food several times each year.

There are abundant opportunities for participation by anyone who wishes to give it a try. If you choose to provide dessert, you decide what you would like to bring. You can cook or buy! If you choose vegetables, you get to choose whatever you feel like bringing. These photos show one volunteer preparing roasted cauliflower with olive oil and kosher salt. You could boil up frozen peas. Or make carrots with a brown sugar glaze. The delivery is made to the Open Arms Shelter on a specific Sunday any time before 5PM. The men are always welcoming and appreciative. It’s a wonderful opportunity to engage yourself or your family in Social Action… on your own schedule! To become involved just send an email to the Tikkun Olam Social Action chair.