Holocaust Commemoration

Each year the Westchester Jewish Council and the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center sponsor a County-wide Holocaust Commemoration at the Garden of Remembrance in White Plains. Someone from Bet Am Shalom has the honor of carrying our Shorah Torah. In 2019 that person was Geoff Cahn. Our President, Ilene Semiatin offers the following:

Here is a photo of Geoff Cahn carrying the Bet Am Shalom Shoah Torah in this afternoon’s Westchester County Holocaust Memorial Day commemoration in downtown White Plains. Geoff has been involved for years in leading Holocaust Reconciliation workshops in Germany, working with the next generation of young Germans to help ensure a future free of Shoahs. .. I’d guess about 200-plus people were there. We heard the extraordinary story of a Holocaust survivor, and there was a Kaddish and the participation of children and young adults in the ceremony. Very moving. Quite a few Bet Am’ers were there.

Photos by Ilene Semiatan and Robert Wentraub.