Baking Hamantaschen with Gillian Friedlander

On Sunday, February 14, 2021, Gillian Friedlander taught a zoom class in baking hamantaschen. She had provided the recipe in advance as well as recommended supplies to have on hand. No one with mere human abilities can keep pace with Gillian, but we did learn a great deal from watching her patient demonstrations and picked up some neat technical hints. Dust your dough with flour to roll it out, but please dust the flour off before assembling your hamentaschen to keep the dough from being too dry. Add a thin coating of water around the rim of your dough circle to aid in getting the corners to stick when you bend them up. Keep your dough only .25″ thick after rolling it out. Only use a half teaspoon of filling per pastry for best results. See the photos to get a feeling for how Gillian explained it all!