Jewish Views of Organ and Tissue Donation

Congregant Alan Ganek, Rabbi Ari Perl and our Rabbi Les Bronstein spoke through Live On NY about Jewish Perspectives on Organ and Tissue Donation , via Zoom, on April 27, 2021. Alan is a heart transplant recipient and spoke movingly about the importance of signing up as an organ donor to save lives, such as his was saved two years ago. Rabbi Bronstein told of the tragic death of his niece Kate, and how his brother’s decision to donate her organs, and thereby save multiple lives, was helpful to their grieving family. His presentation brought tears to listeners. Rabbi Perl, who is the VP for Multicultural Engagement at Live On NY, spoke of religious and technical issues involved in organ and tissue donation decisions. All tried to encourage listeners to sign up to become organ donors after death; the Jewish community has donated in historically low numbers.