Carol Japha Interviewed by Rudolph Ellenbogen

On Sunday evening, June 27, 2021, congregants had the pleasure of listening to congregant Carol Japha, (writer, editor and artist) talk about her newly published book, Mapping Eden with congregant (and engaging interviewer) Rudolph Ellenbogen. After a half-hour interview, congregants on this Zoom call were able to ask questions.

Mapping Eden is an autobiographically-derived novel about a girl, Julia, who loses her mom to cancer when Julia is just 7 years old. Japha’s insights into the mind and emotional world of this child are astonishing. She weaves the child’s father’s world of ancient maps into the storyline, creating a beautiful and multilayered tale.

Japha is also the author of a poetry chapbook, Psalms for a Child Who Has Lost Her Mother. A graduate of Barnard College, she studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and served in the Peace Corps.  Additionally, she had a painting in the Bet AM Shalom Congregant Art Auction.

Many at Bet Am know Ellenbogen as a gifted sculptor but now have learned he is also a brilliant interviewer.  Japha’s book is available at the Bronx River Bookstore in Scarsdale, or online at your favorite sources.