Rachel Korazim Teaches Us

The Image of the Other: An evening of learning with Rachel Korazim on Monday October 24, 2022, in person and on zoom. We explored images of the Arab in modern Israeli literature. Arabs have been portrayed in Israeli literature from the very early days of the first Aliya. Their image constantly changes from romantic biblical figures to suspicious enemies and all the way to neighbors and critical witnesses of Israel’s ever-changing reality. Short excerpts from works by A.B. Yehoshua, Habibi and others.Rachel Korazim is a freelance Jewish education consultant in curriculum development for Israel and Holocaust education. She opened a window to Israeli society through literature; through stories, poems and songs of the best of Israel’s writers. She invites listeners to engage with Israel in an innovative way. Korazim is one of Rabbi Bronstein’s favorite teachers at the Hartman Institute in Jerusalem. Her talks to our Bet Am Shalom groups traveling in Israel have been wonderful and memorable. Her talks are all recorded and are available online. During this visit she first taught our teens, and then our adults. Rabbi Bronstein photographed Korazim’s time with the teens.