Pre-Pesach Cooking

The congregants you see here are getting ready for Passover with some new and easy kosher-for-Passover dishes. BAS members Sara Basson and David and Kari Kohl are sharing recipes, holiday cooking traditions and tips in this two part, small group experience. On February 23, Sara Basson led the cooking workshop. She offered in advance, “I make a lot of Middle Eastern food, and a lot of Indian food, having lived for an extended time in both Israel and India. I like preparing food during Passover that is typically flour and chametz free … so that no modifications are needed to accommodate the holiday. The group made dishes that are frequent fare at the Basson home, such as shakshuka, and Sara’s own mixture of paneer in a tomato and spinach base (a variant of palak paneer).” The next session will be on March 16, led by Kari and David Kohl. Photos are by Laura Solomon.