Midnight Run

On February 24, 2024, Bet Am Shalom participated in Midnight Run. Midnight Run was one of two organizations that we raised funds for in our Social Action Fundraiser this fall, with Matisyahu, our headliner.
The Midnight Run is a caravan of BAS vehicles and volunteers that takes food and clothing to homeless individuals on the streets of Manhattan.
There are many opportunities to volunteer for this act of social justice, beyond going on the Run itself. If you are interested in donating food and/or helping to prepare the food, please contact Judy Zendell. If you are interested in either going on the Run, donating clothing, or helping to sort clothing for the Run (at BAS), contact Ben Blumberg. Please participate in any way you can, so we can continue this important (and rewarding) work of tikkun olam. In these photos you can see some members of the group preparing food, sorting clothing and packing up a van to go into the city. The need for our help has not at all diminished with time. Photographs are by Mindy Ackerman and Deb Coffina.