In times when we can meet in person, we come together in a large, communal tent. We welcome all.
Here are some thoughts on this…

“Whenever I enter the tent on the High Holy Days, I feel a primeval connection with our ancestors. I envision the chanting of all of the tribes as they gathered together to pray. The simplicity of the structure, the commonality of purpose and the welcoming openness brings joy.

It is a welcoming structure, completely open to anyone – without doors, windows, locks or barriers of any kind. We are praying outdoors. The beauty of Nature, or the work of God, is palpable. It heightens my senses.

I am always acutely aware of the natural surroundings – the sun, the dusk, the blackness of the evening, heat, cold and rain. I sense the power it has on all people, at all times, of all eras. Although our tent protects us when it rains, we are aware of the heat, cold, wind and dampness. It reminds me how fortunate we are to have a more permanent structure with air conditioning and heat at all other times of the year.

The tent represents our community at its best… welcoming and open to all who enter. There is casualness to the scene. We are all together, like our ancestors were as they traveled in the desert. I am proud to be a part of it.”

By Suzi Eisman